Answering the Critics!

Answering my critics …… those of you who like to post silly, self -serving and politically driven drivel on various Internet forums. I thought those of you with the biggest mouths are supposed to be senior martial artists — why not act like it?


My critics don’t know me, nor have they ever taken the time to understand what it is that I represent. If they did they  simply wouldn’t make such silly statements. Also, if any of my critics would like to engage me in civil dialogue please try using some courtesy and a little less sarcasm/cynicism. I remind them again — they have never met me.

I don’t need to “defend” what I do…the fact that my critics and the likes of some e-thuggery have issues with such things is THEIR problems not mine. “What I do” works very well for me. Their infatuation with me says volumes. Not only that, the negativity of their posts in various forums  in general say a great deal about their characters. I must admit I find their attention flattering but remind them that I am a happily married man so I’m afraid I’m not interested!  How about, instead of wasting so much valuable time bullying folks, being negative [that’s an understatement], trying to discredit me, and vindicating themself for what, “status?” why not just put that energy towards something productive …. like actually doing the martial arts!

I am not here to win a popularity contest and I don’t need to apologize for not participating in the various dialogues offered. Anytime someone steps outside the box to take a stand that is different from the accepted practice is reason enough to be criticized by others, and no where is this more evident than in the martial arts.

I have never heard of  most of my critics — why don’t they tell me about themselves? Whatever their history is, I suspect they are hardly in a position to tell me about claims of legitimacy… Perhaps they should take a pass on this one. Moreover, as they don’t know me and  never trained with me may I also suggest that until they get on the floor with me and put their money where your mouth is they might also want to keep the fraud stuff to themselves.

I’d guess that the idea of “legit,” or “authentic” martial arts, is probably based upon the Chinese tradition (Okinawan/Japanese also have a similar motif)— pedigree/lineage; i.e., if your style IS NOT connected directly [or possibly even indirectly] to some “original” Chinese/Asian tradition then it’s NOT legit/authentic!

Having come up through the ranks since childhood (during the seventies) and having stayed active for the past 35 years or so — along with going to extremes to better understand what has remained terribly ambiguous, unsystematized and relatively incoherent (particularly with regards to the study of Taolu/Xing) I and those who choose to walk this path with me remain happy. I see myself as a seasoned veteran, no longer willing to accept and or swallow the ignorance, arrogance and incongruous practices so widespread in this tradition.

The idea of functionality has long been reason for some of us seniors to re-evaluate many of the long-established practices of traditional Wushu. Much of it has to do with the contextual premise that technique is supposed to work against. Such “re-evaluation” has, without question, given birth to a myriad of eclectic Wushu-like “traditions.” Some of this Western-based eclecticism has been done within the accepted boundaries of Chinese cultural landscape and social mindset, some has not and then there’s stuff that is way out there. I am sure that one could even argue that even the most accepted Chinese traditions (Wushu, Gongfu) are eclectic by nature. The Martial Arts industry (of which Wushu is a part) is largely unregulated. Based purely on this one issue alone I don’t believe there’s anything stopping anyone “making up something” and calling it whatever they want. My ongoing comparative study with progenitor forms (Fuzhou, YongChun, Shaolin), has given me much to consider when trying to accurately evaluate the essence, energy and spirit of same.

I am happy to respond to (any serious) query. I don’t respond well to e-thug’s, sarcasm, cynicism and or unfounded allegations…if my critisccare to start over, I’d be happy to extend my hand in friendship.

It’s become quite clear that irrespective of what I write they find an excuse to ridicule, and oppose it. I suspect that if they actually ever took the time to understand what fundamental tools I’ve used to advance the study of forms and my chosen direction and art they would change their views. Their narrow-mindedness is second only to their superiority complex and negativity.

I won’t pretend that such a mentality doesn’t bother me, it does. Complacency is as unproductive as it is detrimental to correctly understanding the rich heritage of the art, which, in spite of the lip service you spew, is something you do not understand. I’ve stood in opposition to such a mindset for as long as I can remember I don’t see that I will be changing it any time soon.

They seem happy with what you’re doing, and are entitled to feel that way. My critics impression and condemnation of me because I am different and don’t accept their truth is a telltale sign of what I am referring to.

In spite of their reluctance to appreciate it, what I stand for is clearly evident on my website and this blog.

As mentioned previously, I am not here to defend that which needs no defence but rather to respond.

Regardless of their inane and largely politically driven drivel, I am happy and secure in what I am doing and their attempts at character assassination only serve to highlight their vacuous lives and own personal insecurities.

While they spend your time trawling the internet spewing forth their insecurities I remain happy and continually improving myself and the art I have chosen to follow.

I mistakenly believed that we could have made a connection and ultimately opened a mature dialogue far more representative of our experience and position about many issues at the forefront of our tradition, not just the widely-accepted innovative changes I have long since developed, systematized and successfully introduced.

In closing, let me suggest that if the negative cloud of narrow-mindedness under which they presently stand one day disappears, I would be happy to continue forth so that something more productive may eventuate from this meeting. Until then, I am afraid that arguing with them is not unlike wrestling with pigs — after a while it becomes obvious that the pigs are enjoying it!


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