Students make the Grade!

Recently members of White Crane Kung Fu School took their gradings.

The White Crane is our adult class and ‘young adult’ class where like-minded individuals follow a path of self-discovery and realization through traditional and classical martial arts disciplines of an ancient China that has been lost through global modernizations although not entirely lost for they are being kept alive through genuine Kung Fu schools such as the local Wellington School.

Students tested for their Yellow, Green and Blue Sashes. Each student was put through a series of tests. Everyone did extremely well and where everyone got to see everyone else performing opening everyone’s eyes as to the obvious ‘progression’ that the martial path takes each and every student – in their own time, in their own direction, in the own personal ‘way and for their own individual reasons.

As a result of everyone’s efforts, everyone passed.

Those successful in grading to Yellow sash were Tennille Campbell and Nathan hayes

Green Sashes were awarded to Les Hayes, Stacy Lowe, Rebecca Smith, Kane Macone and Brenton Hayes.

Attending the grading were some of the private MARSTA Class student,. Thomas O’Hara and Joshua Lowe who were awarded their Blue Sashes.

Gradings are held whenever the students are ready. This time-frame provides adequate time for each student to have acquired the necessary skills although my gradings are not purely and simply about physical development.

My students work very hard and they are all intelligent individuals. They understand what this martial art is all about and they remain with me because they realize the necessity for such a unique discipline.

“Alot of individuals enquire about my classes, visit my school and watch the training…but a very select few actually bite the bullet and throw themselves into my teachings and stay with them! The ones that stay are the ones that know there is something to gain and these are the ones that are with me for the right reasons. Not for self-glory, not for boosting their own ego. Such individuals cannot endure real Kung Fu training and do not understand the value of such an holistic discipline as White Crane Boxing.

The martial arts are CONstructive not DEstructive and there is nothing constructive about holding students back and ripping them off or teaching them to be thugs.


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