I am White Crane.

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I was once asked by a student why the way I did White Crane Boxing was entirely different to the way it was taught and the way he had learned it. My reply was simple and direct: “You are doing White Crane, I am not”. He look at me with a puzzled look, you could see him trying to make some form of sense about my statement.

He said he did not get it. What did I mean? I replied that he should look at all the others students and instructors of our White Crane and learn from them when he could then to come back to me and tell me if he understood what I mean

He said that many of the others seemed like it was a effort when they moved and I looked as if I was taking in the local scenery and not trying very hard if at all when taking the students through  the forms and other aspects

I asked him “why is this?”. He said he did not know. I put him out of his misery and finally answered his original question: “You see I am not doing White Crane Boxing. I am not striving for the art. I am not doing an exhibition for the gratification of others or my own ego. Simply put, I am White Crane Boxing!”

I explained that if one simply continues to ‘do’ White Crane Boxing then they will only ever grasp the most base levels of the art. They will become proficient but never really embodying the art itself. They will not understand the fighting nor energetic aspects of the art. The expression of the essence , energy and spirit of the White Crane Boxing art.

Many times I have watched others do their White Crane and Martial Arts. They moved with speed and relaxation but they also moved like boxes, lacking in the essential connectivity of the art. Many were doing ‘demonstrations’ for their own ego embroidery and the adulation of others who may be watching.  Their movements were flamboyant and showy but lacked the true essence, energy and spirit.

I am at a point in my life that I find it that I have learned to be “simply human” without unnecessary striving and ego. I’ve no need for rank, titles and other such self embroidery. I am happy simply “being”. This is not to be found within success or failure and striving at every turn in your life but what is at the very heart and  spirit that truly matters. It’s not what happens in life but how you react that matters. Stop trying so hard and simply “be”. This then is the essence , energy and spirit of White Crane Boxing.


More Tea ….

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For far too long people have viewed the Orient as being the only “home” to the arts which is clearly not true. We in the West have just as much claim to the arts and in many ways, a better more informative and practical way of imparting the arts to others.
Whilst we in the WCRI are proud to be associated with such masters of the arts we are not bound by them nor the view that they alone are the fountain of all knowledge.  They themselves will tell you that they are constantly learning and advancing their own knowledge. In fact, they call their associations “research” groups thus ensuring that the way forward is being looked at constantly. Much of  White Crane Boxing (like most other martial arts forms) is found within the self and one’s own personal expression and understanding of  the self in symbiosis with the art itself. Many in the martial arts lose sight of this inherent aspect.


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I recently received an email from one of our valued members which I would like to share here:

I read your last entry on the WCRI blog, and felt a need to respond. I weary of those in the Martial Arts community who persistently harp upon the “who was your master?” issue. The assumption that unless you learned from some obscure Chinese master you art is invalid, is as obsolete as it is absurd.

By way of analogy, I hail from (arguably) the birthplace of soccer. That doesn’t make me a natural at the game (in fact I’m crap).

Nor does it give me the right to subject every soccer player on the planet to a cross-examination as to the origins and authenticity of their game. If you, I, or anyone else wants to play soccer, we are at liberty to join a team, or even start one of our own without a certificate from, or even a direct contact with Bobby Charlton, Pele, or anyone else (yes, I’m showing my age here!). Does soccer have less of a pedigree or less of a history than White Crane….arguably not. In fact it’s probably older and like White Crane, was originally very much an art of the common folk.

Furthermore, does a two-week visit to England turn someone into a soccer star (let alone a manager) overnight? No…… it is regular, dedicated practice that makes an excellent soccer player, whether as a member of a world-class-team, or in a remote village in India. No soccer player would dream of saying;  ”show me your credentials…prove that so-and so was your teacher…..unless he was English and you learned in England, you have no right to call what you are doing soccer”.

I am inclined to give such people in the martial arts world a very wide berth. My guess is that frankly they lack either ability or confidence in their art, and fall back on the old “my master can beat up your master” routine. It is frankly infantile.

My own position is that I practice my art….as you know, I am rigorously honest about the fact that I’m basically self-taught (like many a good musician) and confident that it doesn’t matter a jot. Look at ten different so-called” masters”…..each one will do the same form ; aye, the same technique, completely differently! And in addition, nine of them will denounce the others as heretics. It kind of blows the pure lineage theory out of the water.

Thank you, Shifu Ron, for enabling and encouraging those of us in the WCRI to develop our own White Crane. I for one will respect the fundamental principles of the style, and refrain from misrepresenting it or the WCRI (or myself). But I WILL NOT BE TOLD that because i am not from Southeast Asia, or because I have not studied there, that I have no right to practice, teach or represent the art.

You don’t have to go to China to Master the Art!”

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This statement is as true today than it has ever been. You do not have to go to China to Master White Crane Boxing! Whilst it is nice to visit and train in such places, it is not a prerequisite to attaining knowledge of the art. Of value for the cultural experience as it may be, visiting China is not a guarantee of developing a deep learning experience and understanding of the art. Photo opportunities abound on such visits but they do not always bring with them high level training or learning. Those who think that visiting China is going to somehow enhance their learning and understanding are often more concerned with being able to say “I went there” then they are with actual learning. They seek the ‘prestige” of having been there above and beyond the learning experience.

From my travels and experiences I get the feeling that I now know more about real Chinese Wushu than many of the so-called “Masters”.  It is now my humble opinion that I do know about Chinese Wushu more than they do. In my opinion they only understand the physical aspect, and many do not seem to want to share or expand upon this. The art has far more depth and meaning then many of the Chinese Masters impart. Simply put, I do not buy into the Chinese/Okinawan’s/Japanese are the supreme race premise and only “they” have the one true martial art

One does not have to be Chinese or to have visited China to develop a high level understanding of the art.

It is my humble opinion that we in the West have developed the art to a very high level and are more than qualified to impart the art to others as our Asian counterparts.

Kung Fu Hustle!

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Fine Tea is Served …. YongChun YiYun Wushu Society

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Hi all, It’s been awhile but I have not forgotten you just been extra busy is all. You know how it goes … places to go, people to see!

The White Crane Research Institute is now a proud member of the YongChun YiYun Wushu Society, China of Master Su YingHan!

YiYun Certificate

YiYun Certificate

The YongChun YiYun (Joy Cloud) Wushu Society / Research Institute was officially founded in October of 1999.

Its main focus on foreign White Crane Kung-Fu exchange and research into White Crane Boxing.

Since the first day it was established, The YongChun YiYun Wushu Society has received a number of martial arts teams from the west.

The YonChun YiYun Wushu Society has been devoting its time and energy to the compiling and writing of articles and books about White Crane Kung-Fu.

A great deal of research into White Crane Boxings origins, principles, and applications of its techniques, as well as collecting stories about the old masters has been undertaken by the society.

In addition, the YongChun YiYun Wushu Societyserves as an open window for the public so that more and more people, especially young pupils, have a better chance to learn White Crane Boxing and further develop the art within their respective countries.

President of YongChun YiYun YiYun Wushu Society is Master Su YingHan, who is also Vice President of YongChun Martial Arts Association and Executive Director of Fujian WuShu Association.

Mastere Su YingHan worked with Professor ZhengFu Hong and Professor YinSheng Lin on the writing of a White Crane book called YongChun White Crane Kung Fu. That book was released in 1990. The book covers such aspects as the  origin, strategies, principles and some forms. It give readers an overall view of White Crane Boxing.

In 2004, Master Su YingHan worked on the compilation and proofreading of six ancient White Crane books these books were published in Taiwan.

G.Z Beauty Publishing House and the China’s People’s Sports Audio-Visual Publishing House hosted Master Su YingHan in filming the various techniques, forms and weapons forms of the YongChun White Crane Boxing system.

We are proud to belong to this esteemed Socety for the purpose of on-going research and discovery within the White Crane Boxing art.

Important News ….. Coming Soon!

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Hi all,

The White Crane Research Institute has some very important projects on the burner.

These projects will be announced here very soon so keep an eye out!

These projects will silence our critics and allow us to have greater access to on-going White Crane Boxing research!

It will be very fine Oolong tea, hot and ready to be served in the Teahouse!